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Digitization can play a significant role in preserving and promoting Tulu language, which is spoken by the Tuluva people in the South Indian state of Karnataka and in the northern parts of Kerala and all around the world. Here are some ways digitization can help Tulu.


Digitization can help preserve Tulu language resources, such as texts, recordings, and other materials, for future generations. This will ensure that the language and its culture are not lost or forgotten over time.


Digitization can make Tulu language resources easily accessible to people across the world, especially those who do not have access to physical resources. This can promote cross-cultural understanding and help spread knowledge about the language and its culture.


Digitization can be used to create digital learning resources for Tulu language learners, such as online courses, interactive multimedia content, and mobile apps. This can make learning the language more accessible and convenient for people, especially those who live in areas where Tulu is not commonly spoken.


Digitization can lead to the development of new Tulu language technologies, such as voice assistants and speech recognition systems. These technologies can make it easier for Tulu speakers to communicate with machines and access information in their own language.

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